Allegro Music & Arts Creative Art Programme is designed to bring out the creative expression of young students through the medium of visual art, with the aim of nurturing better self-expression and imagination that will also reflect in their music making.

The visual art faculty believes that play is the highest form of research in the making and our art classes are delivered in a unique manner to encourage young students to learn through the act of creation.

Our weekly creative projects introduce different art mediums (drawing, painting, construction, print) and exposes students to various mark-making activities such as automative drawing, creative painting, interactive collage and 3D constructions.

Creative Art Courses

  • Elementary Children’s Art (ages 4 – 6 years old)
  • Intermediate Art (ages 10 years and above)

Class Objective:

  • Explore different art and design mediums
  • Express their thoughts through a variety of visual languages
  • Develop and improve their analytical thinking and communication skills through visual representation

Teaching Method:

  • Case Study – Relevant artistic references will be gathered for the students and a group analysis will be conducted.
  • Face to Face Discussion – Teacher will take the role as a facilitator in motivating, inspiring and providing constructive feedback. Students will demonstrate independent decision making in the process.
  • Group Discussion/Brain-Storming (if in a group class) – Projects will be discussed in a group and cross assessment will be conducted to inspire creative ideas and broaden artistic approaches in the process of art making.

Students are invited to attend a trial session and present past portfolio of work prior to enrolment. General assessments will be conducted by visual art faculty.